Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Price : 15000 Tk.

Monthly Charge : 100 Tk.

Application : Car, Microbus, Bus, Truck & Water Vessel etc.

Meitarck vehicle trackers are compatible with major fuel level sensors in the industry, including the resistive fuel level sensor, CLS sensor, LLS sensor, and ultrasonic fuel level sensor. After a tracker is connected to the fuel monitoring system, besides basic location information, customers can also get fuel consumption, fuel level, fuel leak, fuel theft information, etc. More importantly, managers can get fuel reports from Meitrack MS03 tracking platform, which helps fleet companies understand where improvements and adjustments are needed.

High Precision in fuel consumpation & fuel usage monitoring.
Easy & Safe Installation with no drilling.
Fuel theft report, fuel leak monitoring.
Monitor via wab & app.