Regular GPS Tracker

Price : 8500 Tk.

Monthly Charge : 500 Tk.

Application : Car, Microbus, Bus, Truck & Water Vessel etc.

TSS201 is a vehicle GPS tracker used for private and commercial vehicles anti-theft and personal tracking management. The device features geo-fencing, SOS alarms, smart-voice commands for arming/disarming settings, device status query, and location query for a long time.

2G/3G/4G network
This car GPS tracker has three versions running on 2G, 3G and 4G networks respectively.

Flexible configurable I/O
Offer outstanding configuration flexibility to cater to a wide variety of requirements.

Water resistant
Specialized design provides a tough casing that stands up to the elements.

Driving behavior analysis
Detect driver behaviors, such as the driver fatigue, idling, harsh acceleration/braking, harsh cornering, collision, etc.